LED Grow Light - 213W - 120 Pieces

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  • Long Service Life: Service Life is more than 100000 hours. Based on LED reflector is not heat-resistant and prone to short circuits, we refuse reflectors and adopt 120PCS double chips SMD led. Each LED has a diode to protect the dual chips. The built-in aluminum substrate with multiple vents and two super big speed fans, cool and quiet,  with efficient heat dissipation.
  • Optimal Full Spectrum LED:  The grow light Full spectrum design, has universal Blue, Red, IR, UV, White light. Blue and red LED is essential light for all plant growth. Expensive IR UV led can promote plants to defense mechanisms, promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Wide Coverage120PCS: SMD led(total 1200W) provides uniform illumination. It can replace traditional 900-watt HPS/MH while consuming only 213watts. Ensures maximum yield with minimum power usage and heat. PAR 527umol/m2s at 24 height, perfect for 3x3ft growing area (Maximum coverage area at 4x4.5ft at 24 height).
  • Double Switch: This grow lamp has Veg and Bloom switch functions: VEG switch for seeding/germination and young vegetative growth. BLOOM switch for flowering and fruiting. You can also use both Veg&Bloom to get more Red/Blue heavy output and deliver maximum performance for flowering and fruiting.