Liquid Plant Food - Dracaena Fertilizer - 8oz

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  • DRACAENA INDOOR PLANT SOLUTION: This liquid 3-1-2 ratio fall fertilizer is designed specifically for the Dracaena species. Freshly planted Dracaena seeds or already established Dragon Trees will experience an optimized growth process from nitrogen fertilizer.
  • GENUS ACCESSIBLE: Formula will care for corn stalk dracaena, dracaena cinnabari, dracaena fragans, hawaiian dracaena, red-edged dracaena, warneck dracaena and other species from the genus.
  • PROSPERITY FOR LIVE PLANTS: Essential nutrients are provided to the planting soil through the fertilizer application (other accessories such as fertilizer spikes can be included), resulting in an opportune growing environment for indoor plants.
  • HOME DECOR COMPONENT: House plant food enables the Dracaena live plant to flourish, optimizing, and extending the existence. Experience a seedling develop into a large plant and display the species in an exotic plant pot or atop a mid-century plant stand.
  • DURATION & LONGEVITY: Dracaena potted plant fertilizer is intended for use once every two weeks (for a single house plant), an 8 oz bottle should last an entire year or longer.