LED Grow Light - 120W - 60 Pieces

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  • Optimal Full Spectrum: Covers the entire photosynthetic growing spectrum to match any plant type at any stage of growth, veg, or flower. One is perfect for a 2.5 x 2.5ft grow tent.
  • VEG/BLOOM Switch: Double switch can perfectly meet for different growth stages. The VEG switch is mainly to be used for germinating seedlings and young vegetation growth. And for the flowering stage, you can use VEG and BLOOM together for maximum performance.
  • Higher Efficiency: Coupled with scientific reflector design, it strengthens the light penetration and delivers high-performance PAR output. BF600 only consuming 120W!
  • Daisy Chain Design: Using daisy-chain configuration between led grow lights provides fast and easy installation and management. For safety: total actual watts of extra joined lights MUST NOT exceed 600W.