Bonide Mosquito Beater - 1.5 lb

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  • MOSQUITO REPELLENT- This insect control is great for use on mosquitoes. With mosquito beater granular repellent, you can enjoy mosquito-free surroundings any place, and any time.
  • OUTDOOR USE- Our bug repellent is perfect for use around lawns, patios, barbeques, clambakes, swimming pools, picnics, campsites, concerts, tennis courts, and other outdoor areas.
  • EFFECTIVE TREATMENT- Starting one hour after application, one treatment may be effective for up to 3 weeks. Rainfall, temperature, and wind may affect effectiveness.
  • PLEASANT SCENT- No need to worry about this repellant producing off-putting chemical fumes. Our formula provides a pleasantly fresh scent.
  • EASY TO USE- This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. No water or mixing is required. Simply broadcast granules on the ground directly from the container or apply with a lawn spreader, dust gun, or hand crank duster.