Hydroponic Growing System - 12 Plant Pots

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  • SOIL-FREE CULTIVATION INDOOR GROW KIT: Designed with no soil technology to cultivate the plants; avoid any soil contamination, no heavy metal contamination, no pesticide residue, no antibiotics, non-OMG, and non-nitrite. Equipped with 12-planting seed pods made of Biochar Mud, non-toxic and no soil contamination ensure natural and green planting for you (Seeds and Nutrient solution not included).
  • SMART INDOOR GARDEN KIT: Constructed with an automatic control panel automatically to control ON/OFF of the LED grow light, the lights will automatically turn off after 18-hours of constant use and will turn back on after 6-hours of rest. Setting the perfect light time to help your plants photosynthesis, creating a cycle of 24-hours.
  • HIGH EFFICIENT LED GROW LIGHTS: Designed with high effective customized spectrum 22-watt LED Lighting System is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growth, providing the necessary full spectrum of lights to support indoor gardening plants that maximize photosynthesis.