Hydroponic Growing System Indoor - 12 Planting Pots - 4L

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  • For 12 plants- The Growing System is equipped with 12 planting baskets and 12 seedling blocks (No seeds included) and 12 moisturizing covers. For cultivating indoor herb gardens at home, soilless cultivation technology supply a better way to have your favorite plants at any time, regardless of the season and weather.
  • 27.5W LED lights- Built-in LED lights can effectively avoid plants from aging too quickly and prolongs the survival period. It will automatically fill light for 18-hours. The seeds can germinate in a few days, and the fruit can begin to harvest after a few weeks. Two planting modes to choose: vegetable mode, suitable for most leafy vegetables or foliage plants. Flower and fruit mode is good for growing flowering plants such as roses or flowering plants such as small tomatoes.
  • 4L Super-large Water Tank-  The visible Level 4L capacity water tank is enough for 2-weeks' travel leave after fully filled. With a visible water level scale, you can easily know the time to add water avoiding a water shortage. Water or nutrient solutions can be added to water.
  • Up to 11.8 inches tall, the indoor herb growing kit's height can be freely adjusted by the lifting and shrinking rods (adjustable height: 6.3 -11.8 inches) according to the different growth cycles of the plant (seedling period, growth period, and adult plant). The appropriate lights can ensure the maximum photosynthesis of the plant to help plants grow faster.
  • Built-in Fan and Water Pump- The fan and water pump work by default for 30-minutes and rest for 30-minutes once the machine is started. The fan ensures air circulation between plants and keeps the healthy growth of plants. The water pump circulates the water in the water tank, balances the water temperature, and guarantees the oxygen content in the water.