Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin - 43 Gallons

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  • TWIN CHAMBER- Designed with 2 chamber benefits batch composting, which is the most efficient way to produce high-quality compost. Let one side "cook" while you add fresh materials to the other, continuously swapping sides creates an uninterrupted flow of rich healthy compost.
  • CREATIVE TUMBLING DESIGN- Avoid digging and mixing your compost pile by hand, making the mixing more easy and efficient. Just fill it up with garden refuse and kitchen scraps, slide the door closed and give it a turn every couple days.
  • OUTSTANDING AERATION- Adjustable air vents and deep fins strengthen the air circulation, help decompose the clumps in the chamber, and combine lots of oxygen into the compost, easily produce finished compost in weeks.
  • STURDY & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Made of galvanized steel and high-quality PP plastic, this Tumbling Composter is corrosion-resistant, degrade resistant, sturdy, and durable for long-lasting service life
  • GARDEN GLOVES INCLUDED- Comes with 4-durable ABS plastic claws, no other tools required, convenient to excavate and plant in horticultural work. The latex rubber material not only protects your hands from cuts and broken nails but also makes it easy to clean with its waterproof function.